SCADFASH Week: Students Ready for Fashion World Takeover

I’ve been to a few SCAD fashion exhibits and they always seem to blow me away. However, the exhibit during SCAD FASHWKND was different. It was extraordinary. Avant garde. Creative. It reminded of a quote from the great fashion icon, Diana Vreeland when she stated that “The eye has to travel.” And boy, in this exhibit, your eyes have so much to take in.

The hard drive of the music during certain displays, the stillness of the models’ faces and bodies, the imagination that created the designs. OMG! The designs! The fashion! The minds that these young people have is beyond belief. The textures brought the pieces to life and the exhibitionism kept the eyes captured. There were moments when I couldn’t take my eyes off the thick trench coat with the muff at the small of the back and the fascinating leather bag showcasing various hues. Extraordinary!

The models of the female gender donned 1920s-era bob-styled jet black wigs. The male models were mostly in pieces that were a little more avant garde. I must say, on a side note, one of my favorite models was the young man who held a serving bowl of starburst candies. An absolute favorite from my childhood. But that is just a reflection of a selfish remembrance.

The men’s ribbon sandals also caught and kept my eye. As fragile as they looked, it was easy to tell that they could be long lasting and, oh so, tres chic. The students outdid themselves with this show. Walking down the building’s corridors, there was a feast for the eyes as models stood and sat while watching what seemed to be a music video; around another corner, standing poised and hip while a couple giant disco balls set the mood for the 70s sounds; one group of five or six models continually changed poses and positions which, I thought was a creative way to get us to see the entirety of the pieces during a showcase.

And those were just a few highlights of the exhibit. WHEW! What a journey! I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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