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PRIMP Agency: The Making of Models

Sha’ Summerlin – AKA Mama PRIMP – is a vibrant personality. A fast talker. A go getter. And any other phrase you can think of for someone who’s unstoppable. She…


Andre León Talley blesses Atlanta with “The Gospel”

One of the best quotes I’ve ever heard came from fashion influencer and master, Andre Leon Talley during his brief visit to Atlanta was “Hydrate yourself with luxury and style.”…


Questions on FASHION with Angela Watts, RAGTRADE Atlanta

When we asked Angela Watts where she was from, she let us know, “the hometown of James Brown – Augusta, GA.” Her pride in her hometown oozes over into the…


The Tragic Unfolding of Kate Spade

Kate Spade went from an accessories editor for Mademoiselle magazine to a fashion and accessories icon. On any given day a Kate Spade purse, shoes or clothing item can be found…


2018 Met Gala’s Most Intriguing (and religious) Red Carpet Looks

The first Monday in May has come and gone for 2018 and, per usual, it didn’t disappoint. With the theme of “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” there was…


Misty Copeland + UnderArmour = Powerful Beauty

  Ok. I’ll admit that I fangirl over Misty Copeland. Hard. I have a Pinterest page, I follow her on all of the social mediums that she has and the…


Gazal Eyewear Serving Up High-End Frames!

OK. I know many people don’t know it but I wear glasses. That said, because you might not have known, proves that I don’t wear them as I’m supposed to….


Remembering Bill Cunningham

I remember when I met Bill Cunningham. It was a brief, fleeting moment. As I figure it might have been for many who knew of the New York photography legend….


7 Lessons I Learned from Mikki Taylor

For the past five years, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with (at length), soaking in, traveling with, for and to her has brought a level of experience and education…


Raf Simons bids farewell to Dior

  It seems it was only last week I was watching “Dior & I” for the umpteenth time. Wait? It was. It probably feels like an eternity for Raf as…