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The Rialto Center at Georgia State University is home of many representations of the world through international dance, music and art.

It holds a series each season dedicated to connecting its audience to experiences through the arts by bringing international artists for the people of Atlanta to experience – it’s not just for students of GSU.

Leslie Gordon, director of the Rialto, prides herself on the diverse events the center presents for its equally diverse audience, as GSU is home to the most diverse campus in the community.

“We always say that we want to take people on a journey, and we want to go deeper and make them look deeper at the art they are seeing,” she said.

Gordon and the rest of team at the Rialto have lined up acts and exhibits to represent various cultures, internationally and within the United States.

Tomas Kubinek, who Gordon describes as brilliantly funny and charming, is a physical comedian, similar to a clown, was featured by the center in January 2019. Described as a comedic vaudevillian, Kubinek’s show is always different but always has audiences laughing, sometimes including them in the show. He immigrated to Canada from, then, Czechoslovakia when it was invaded by Russia in 1968.

Gordon said he is a great way to start the season and introduction to the great shows to come.

Ballet Hispanico will be the next act paying the Rialto Center a visit for its series, bringing Latin dance techniques to a passionate dancing event. The group is led by Artistic Director Eduardo Vilaro and is the only Latin American dance company in the states, Gordon said. The company takes on contemporary dance with representation of its Hispanic culture, keeping an aura of boldness and sensuality to the performances.

All of the company’s dancers are from Latin America, representing their style of dance. Along with the Rialto Series performances, the center offers free exhibits in correlation with the First Thursdays Downtown Art Walk of each month.

The “Afros as Art” exhibit will run at the Rialto from Jan, 11th until Feb. 23rd.

Feb. 7 will mark the opening reception of a visual arts exhibit my Michael July entitled Afros as Art, a focus on the hairstyles of black, African-American women as “progressive by-product of style, fashion and culture.”  The exhibit is inspired by the Afros as Art book by July, focusing on celebrating the historical beauty and tradition of natural hair in the black community.

The exhibit will open Jan. 11 and run until Feb. 23, 2019.

Farruquito, a flamenco dancer from a famous gypsy dynasty, will perform on Feb. 16 in a traditional flamenco dance created by his renowned grandfather “El Farruco,” sharing and preserving the strongest form of improvised, true flamenco dancing.

Farruquito, Flamenco dancer will be at the Rialto on Feb. 16th.


Joey Alexander, jaz pianist and prodigy will perform at the Rialto on Feb. 23rd.

Joey Alexander, a jazz pianist, prodigy and composer of only 15 years from Indonesia will share his talents from his latest album “Eclipse” and other musical moments throughout his performance. He is twice Grammy-nominated and will be at the Rialto on Feb. 23 at 8 p.m.

Atlanta’s premier dance festival will be held at the Rialto on March 2, called Off the Edge.

Gordon shared her excitement when it comes to this event. She said so many cultures are represented for the audience to enjoy in the art of dance. The program will include Wayne MacGregor Company, KSU Dance Theater and Ephrat Asherie Company.

More artists will perform at the Rialto, sharing their gifts and exciting audiences up until the season’s end in April. Gordon said their website is always up to date and stays relevant for folks looking for ticket’s for Atlanta’s most diverse and exciting stage for enjoying intersectional and cultural arts.


Visit the Rialto Center website to get tickets to any of the upcoming shows.



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