It’s so strange because I just introduced my mama to Anthony Bourdain this past wknd when she visited us in Atlanta. We sat in the living room and watched him visit Tokyo, Russia, Paris, Marseille and so many other places. I went upstairs to take a nap and came back down over an hour later and mama was still actively watching and talking about what he was doing. I was so excited that she was loving one of my favorite ppl and shows as well.

Then comes June 8th and he’s gone. “How? Oh.”

Mama texted me and let me know, “Good morning Sugar, I see your chef has died (Bourdain). How sad!” I – like so many others – didn’t know this would come. This thievery. This sadness. This hurt. This death.

I never met him but I saw him almost every day for a long time. I watch him til my hubby leaves the room because he can’t go (through the beauty of Netflix) 6 hours watching one show. Well, I can. Especially when the host is so funny, experimental, informative, compassionate and a talented storyteller.

Rest easy, Mr. Bourdain. Thank u for the exposure, the food, the open mindedness, the truth, the fun, the laughs, the controversy. All of it! Every ounce! We didn’t know it but we needed it. I can’t speak for all of your fans but I’m sure your legacy will last as long as there’s a full plate and an empty plane seat.


Call that person who’s been heavy on your mind and heart. Love on them. Let them know that they are necessary, loved and definitely NOT alone.

Visit The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or call 1.800.273.8255i for help. They’re ready to talk 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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