Gammy (Adrienne Banfield-Norris), Jada Pinkett Smith and Willow Smith.

If you haven’t been hidden or stuck under a rock involuntarily I’m pretty sure you’ve seen or heard your friends chatting on Facebook about Jada Pinkett Smith’s new Facebook Live show, “Red Table Talks”. She has gathered up the wisdom of three generations of her family and they are a shining example of a therapy session mixed with a hella fashionable AA meeting with an overflowing love that you can’t shake even if you tried.

Gammy, Jada’s mom and family rock, who’s in her 60s; Jada, actress and mom powerhouse, is in her 40s; and sweet Willow, who is growing by tremendous leaps and bounds physically, mentally and emotionally is in her teens still but don’t get it twisted, she’s not that “Whip Your Hair” little girl ANYMORE! These are the strong ladies who fill the chairs around the red table and while there’s room for more, it takes a whole lot to fill those spaces. You have to have lived a life that while not easy, but very educational and you MUST be willing to leave it all on said table.

Jada and Sheree chat it up about co-parenting on “Red Table Talk”.

The conversations so far have been between Will Smith’s ex-wife Sheree Fletcher and Jada who discussed to almost cringe-worthy moments about co-parenting. They speak candidly about who did and said what that offend whomever and then how they overcame and are STILL heading over hills but the trick is to do it hand-in-hand. WHEW! As a stepmom, I can tell that takes cojones! Big ones!

The second Red Table Talk is all about loss. Not just death loss but all types of loss: loss of oneself, loss of sanity and, yes, loss of loved ones. If you are a fan of Jada’s you know a little of her past of her deep and personal friendship with Tupac Shakur. She expressed her anguish was more likened to anger and how she’s had to cope with his not being there for the “long run” like she envisioned. I learned that most of the time, loss can be the shattering of our own fantasies and what our expectations were. But in the words of Willow, we have to learn to work and push through the pain.

Tune into to Red Table Talk every Monday (check your time zone on the Red Table Talk Facebook page) and then every Wednesday for a personal chat with the ladies, also on Facebook Live. I must say this is one of the most invigorating and personally touching and healing uses of Facebook that ever occurred. I suggest you go get your healing on and know that if no one understands your life struggle, you’ve always got Willow, Gammy and Jada.

Click here for a “Red Table Talk” preview!

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