Ok. I’ll admit that I fangirl over Misty Copeland. Hard. I have a Pinterest page, I follow her on all of the social mediums that she has and the reason is because of her grace, style, dedication, hard work, accomplishments and overall badassness. Of course, I’m not the only one who recognizes greatness. She has a documentary (“A Ballerina Tale“)created by none other than the great Nelson George and UnderArmour has given her access to create her own line of athletic wear in the form of the Misty Copeland Signature brand.


In the past week, she has released her latest installment of athletic wear through the sports fashion company and I in love! Yes, the price tags are NOT for the faint of heart but neither is the workout routine that this quality of brand will get you through. As someone who exercises on a regular basis, and all of you out there who know the pain I’m about to describe, I can assure you that one of your best friends is a supportive and smooth fitting sports bra! MAN! Have you ever when to do something as simple as a jumping jack and had to stop to do a check to see if you didn’t take a chunk out of your back because of the cutting? that discomfort can change a life!

Well, with all of the jumping, plie-ing and all the other ballet moves that Misty executes with such greatness and grace, I’m sure her UnderArmour line will fit like a glove without the cutting, sagging or “self adjustments” your workout clothes can involuntarily help you with that can come with workout pants, sports bras or any gear your require that she offers. “I want women to feel feminine but powerful, fierce, beautiful; all of these things that I think we are and that we are not limited to just being pretty and delicate but that we can be power houses as well,” Misty explains in a one-minute video on the sportswear website.
images-2But, if it’s not workout gear you require, there are some undeniably chic and elegant outerwear pieces such as the oh so badass leather bomber or the trench coat. Both can be worn anywhere whether you are headed to the gym for a jog or not. She keeps workout wear innovative and beautiful to fit all body types and I’m sure you will find a look that will cause your eyes to open a little wider get you to type you credit card number on the payment options screen.

So, go ahead and start shopping. The world is yours for the taking. Just take a look at Misty Copeland‘s example for a load of inspiration!


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