By Billie Hilliard


Who are you? What do you do? I am asked these questions daily and still they hang me up. Why is it that these two simple questions are so hard to answer?

I have decided that I want to take the time to properly tackle these questions. I realize there are no simple answers. Who am I? I am Billie with an IE. I am a Christian woman. I am a designer. I am a mother, sister, and daughter, a loyal friend a lover of fresh flowers, and a well-made pair of open toe lace up shoes who appreciates a perfectly steeped cup of Earl Grey tea. What do I do? I start every day at 5:30 am with God in prayer and journaling. I work for a doctor assisting with the care of patients. That’s my job. What do I do? I design jewelry. I make pretty things from nothing. I work through flaws to see beauty. I am an entrepreneur. I am a world traveler, a collector of vintage buttons. I would like to say that I am a servant and a giver of myself. Presentation is everything to me and is evident in everything I present. You see, I cannot sum myself up in a few words and just one title.

fullsizerender16Who are you? What do you do? Do you find it hard to just simply answer these questions as well? Aren’t you so much more than the name you were given, the degree you earned or didn’t receive? Does your job or the way you support yourself present a satisfactory answer? Who are you? What gets you going? What song moves you in a way that stirs your soul? What do you want so badly and yet are so afraid to ask for? What are your passions? What are your gifts? What are you doing? You see how these two simple questions can quickly build into an avalanche overwhelming self-examination?

Now that the 1st layer of ice has been broken and we have been properly acquainted, I would like to present a proposal to you. What would you say to coming along side me on a journey in exploring who we sincerely are? Let us utilize all that God has perfectly placed within and around us in our abilities, opportunities, through art, culture, fashion, food, travel, our spirituality and awareness to not only answer these questions but live out all that you and I were created to be. I only ask three things, that you be open, that you maintain the compassion not to judge and that you lean into a place of expectancy. Are you in? Let’s Go!

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