OK. I know many people don’t know it but I wear glasses. That said, because you might not have known, proves that I don’t wear them as I’m supposed to. So sue me! However, I found my inspiration last night at the grand opening of Gazal Eyewear. I fell in love with a pair of spectacles that my hubby is going to have to pry off my face in my sleep. Y’all! They’re life changing!

Now. Let me set the scene: I opened the door to see some of the beautiful people of North Atlanta and a room-roaming saxophone player. Already winning. There was food, laughter and, of course, – the guests of honor – some the most beautiful eyewear you’ve ever seen in your life! In Hollywood or anywhere else! I was determined to try on as many frames as I could. As I walked around the room with Bethany – a fantastic retailer – she opened display cases, I drank champagne and we laughed and chatted and then … it happened. I strolled over to the Boucheron case and there they were. The love of my life: a magical pair of black and gold frames that I’ve probably when waiting for my ENTIRE life. Well maybe not my entire life but at least in that moment.

img_7899I tried them on and was transformed. While there, mesmerized, I was waiting on a friend, Christopher Macken, who is finalizing his customized sunglasses that will carry his namesake within the brand. When he arrived (from an – ahem, “interesting” Uber ride) I tried on the frames or him and he confirmed that they were for me. I knew this but who doesn’t want confirmation?! Then I met the lady of the hour.

The woman who is responsible for holding my (yes, MY) frames is the founder and owner of Gazal, Gazal Tabrizipour. I had a chance to sit and have a casual chat with her and she is the sweetest, most humble new mom. She admits that this grand opening was not in her foresight. She has a store, Atlanta Vision Optical) in the city of Atlanta, but after that one, she swore off a second store. But her new motto in life is “never say never”. She never would’ve thought that her dream since the age of ten, of having a luxury eyewear store, would come true … times 2! “We’ve been approached about franchising but I always say ‘no’,” she says with a broad smile. “I said that at the first location too. I said, ‘this is it, I’m never doing another one’ and then this second opportunity came up.”

Even though September 14th was the grand opening, she and her team have been taking customers nearly 3 months. She bought the new location July of 2016 and opened for business on July 14th of this year. In the future she plans to expand this location to have a luxury dentist office as well, but all in due time. She is all about quality and keeping the luxe in luxury and taking the best care of her customers. Her German ancestry gives her the drive to ensure that each and every customer gets the most attention and highest-quality care in the Atlanta area. “If it’s worth it, then I will buy it,” she explains. “I want to put that into this industry. Unfortunately, we’ve come to [a place] in technology where, 10 minutes and we are out the door. You can’t replace your eyes.” At age 11, she was diagnosed with a rare eye disorder and if not found when it was, her eyesight would be drastically different today.

Part of her goal is to be sure that her team is well equipped and knowledgable to be able to help those who don’t know that something could be going on with their eyes that could change their lives. Just as she was helped so many years ago, she wants to offer that same assistance through Gazal Eyewear. Her dream is to ultimately help others SEE their best and LOOK their best in their new eyewear. No one could understand that more than she does. But she could never do it alone.

She credits her supportive, loving and PATIENT husband for helping her make this happen. I must say, it was the sweetest moment when I met him in the store and he and his baby girl were staring at each other. He’s toast when it comes to this daddy’s girl thing. She can have the moon, stars and sun. Literally!

Gazal is winning all the way around! She has this amazing luxury eyewear store, a sweet and gorgeous husband and a new baby girl! Go visit her at Gazal Eyewear on 76 Norcross St., Suite B, Roswell, GA 30075 (470.729.2020) OR you can go to her Atlanta store at 1215 Caroline St., Atlanta, GA (404.522.8886). Either way, I’m coming for those Boucheron frames. Know THAT!!!


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