Watching the weight of others has been an unfortunate pastime of many women. At some point in time, maybe even all women. What is worse about that pastime, is the mind games we play with ourselves where we compare ourselves to those women. Especially when it’s women who don’t exist.

When I say “don’t exist”, they are real women, however, they have just been photoshopped for the gods and they probably don’t recognize themselves after the finished product. Waist lines cinched to sickness, faces shaped to distortion, legs elongated to freakishness. All of the above are “realities” that we – the everyday woman – should not compare ourselves too.

I recently watched an amazing documentary called “Embrace” about, Taryn Brumfitt, a mother of three who posted a photo on social media that went viral of a somewhat reversed before and after photos. The before photo was of a fit her competing in a body competition. The after pic was of her post-baby body self in all of its mommy glory and she was bold and honest enough to declare how she loved her new body. She admitted that it took some time and mental effort to get into that space but she was there to assure her friends and husband that she’d made the right decision to uplift other women who were dealing with the same body issues.


With recent studies showing that the average sized woman in the U.S. is a size 16, her journey to self-acceptance is one that many of us need to embrace. Not degrade ourselves or subscribe to eating disorders. Women race to get on diets to get that perfect figure – that actually doesn’t exist. During Taryn journey as a bodybuilder, she noticed one thing behind the scenes, these women who worked so hard to get to this stage, were still enormously unhappy with their bodies. They wished they had “this” or “that” that would make their bodies so much “better”.

The moral  of the story and purpose of “Embrace” is to love your body. Not that you shouldn’t workout or eat better to reach your goals that you might have but don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re normal. Enjoy life and live well!

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