Outside of muscles,­­ his impeccable comedic timing and long list of comedies – TV or big screen – what do you really know about Terry Crews? Evidently, not much. Mr. Crews just turned the tables and released a new furniture line that combines beauty, art and functionality and a definite “WOW!” factor.

I admit that I enjoyed seeing those “Old Spice” commercials that made me laugh out loud and his extreme frugality on “Everybody Hates Chris” but I never expected furniture. And beautiful furniture pieces, at that. But in hindsight, why was I surprised? I recall an interview he did years ago, where he stated that he was a sketch artist for the police department as a teen. Also, he was an aspiring Disney artist as well. His artistic ingenuity runs deep and is nothing new. So, furniture is just another drop in his artistic bucket.


His designs are otherworldly and like nothing I’ve seen before. Masculine and light. Subtle and bold. So far, the four-piece collection that is sold in the high-end furniture dealer, Bernhardt Designs, is making waves. The shape and flow of the chairs and tables proves to us that Terry has an eye for art and beauty. The Ibis sofa is a thing of glory but I must admit that my favorite design is the Lilypad – a chair with an attached table that rotates 360 degrees! How convenient it is to have a table that is ready with table for me to eat, write and just post up and chill!

I would say that the look of the designs are simple, minimalistic and relaxed. Even down to the soft pastels that give a subtle pop of color. To get your Terry Crews design, visit http://www.bernhardtdesign.com.


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