I’ve been recently on a journey to live in my purpose. For me, that includes having and working toward gaining a healthy spirit, body and mind. For some it may sound a little fruity. But another thing I’m learning is that, I don’t care. This is my journey and – I believe – this will eventually be all of our journeys.


I just hit a milestone age where I desire and NEED to be myself wholly and fully. I want to live the best life possible. I finally understand what Oprah’s been talking about for all those years about “living your best life”. I always knew the surface meaning, but now, today, I understand the deeper meaning. For real – why did God put us here? What gifts did He give us to share and help others? Are we using them properly? Am I falling into a purposeful life or the life that someone else expects of me? It’s all up for pondering.


I’ve changed how I eat, what and who I allow in my life – even if you were already rolling with me, if our spirits collide, see ya! So many factors to consider. But think of it like this, you know how we all can be very protective of our peace, take that peace that you fight for and apply it to every aspect of living. Your OVERALL life. Your breathing. Your living. Your doing. Your existing.


img_4753Throughout this process I’ve picked up a purpose coach, Maya McClean, who coined the phrase “highest excitement” and who’s also my Yoda, nature lover, singer, musician, dancer and whatever-else-the-hell-she-wants-to-be, talks and leads me right into the solutions that keep me living my best life. She points out all the mental and emotional blockages that keep me away from my “highest excitement” as she says. Her way of explaining of finding out what your highest excitement is when you feel that tingle of excitement between you belly button and rib cage. Remember when you were a kid and your parents told you to put on your shoes because we were going to get ice cream … to the park … to granny’s house, so on and so forth? That’s it! That’s the feeling you get when you touch your highest excitement.


So go for it! Go get your ice cream. Go to the park. Get your toes in the dirt. Smile. Hard and wide. You’ve only got one life. Live it up!

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