I had the privilege of going to my neighborhood small indie movie theater and paid fare for tickets for myself and a friend to watch “The First Monday in May”. This is the another movie that gives us a small glimpse into the inner workings of the Met Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art and an even smaller glimpse into the world and mind of Andrew Bolton and Anna Wintour. (A collective “EEEEEEEEEE!!!”)

Andrew Bolton, curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, corrects a dress on display at the museum.


For the past few years, I huddle myself in the front of my iPad and go to Vogue.com and click the link to watch the red carpet of the super fundraiser for the Met Gala. Never really understanding what it takes to put on an event of this magnitude and how many minions and powerhouses it takes to make it happen. It’s a great 90-minute documentary that will surely entertain. The filmmakers follow Bolton, curator for the Costume Institute at the MoMA, around the globe as he preps for the 2015 gala theme of “China: Behind the Looking Glass”.

He travels to the Orient to do his research and get perspective and guidance from natives and historians as to what story and how the story should be told through the exhibit. With all that goes on behind the scenes, it’s kinda sad that it all gets reduced to a red carpet fascination. With the entire hullabaloo around the red carpet, you would never realize that all of the superstars, red carpet mavens and philanthropists were there for the art. Nevertheless, with red carpet champions like Rihanna, every supermodel alive, Kendal Jenner and, of course, Beyoncé (who usually shines a little brighter for the gala) the show is epic. For those of us who cannot afford the ticket or aren’t offered media passes, the red carpet is our playground.

Last year was a red carpet show that would cause any nudist colony resident to blush. There was enough skin to … enter punchline here. Well, 2016 is a new day and May 2nd is coming up swiftly. This year’s theme is “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology.” I’m already ready for the big night and on theme with my a fully-charged iPad, a reserved space on the couch with the hubby, a glass of wine, a cozy (flannel) blanket and SHOWTIME!

The aforementioned names are the ones who I always search for through the throngs of photographers and other celebrities who will remain nameless – because I literally don’t know who they are. If you would like a true insiders look at what the Met Gala is, how and why it started and what it takes ( including the insane amount of money they spend – check the flower budget) to plan and execute this event, you MUST see “The First Monday in May”.

Anna Wintour, second from left, go over details for the famous Met Gala 2015.





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