Zo and I absolutely adore visiting our local museum, The High Museum of Art. I love checking my inbox and seeing the monthly newsletters and announcements of goings on and upcomings. However, this particular glance caught my attention and got me more excited about a visit than I have been in a long time. I mean butterflies excited! Almost, but not quite, like shopping EXCITED!

On Friday, November 6th (TONIGHT!), the museum will host a party, “High Fashion – Iris van Herpen Launch Party”, from 7pm – 10pm for the new exhibit. We will be there to take in the sights and the beauty and the culture. After doing a little research I learned that van Herpen is a Dutch designer who specializes in Haute Couture. Looking at the design pieces that will be showcased, she is a master of Haute Couture.

V2_SM_120202 Iris van Herpen 61403 RGBSarah Schleuning, curator of decorative arts and design at the High states that “Iris van Herpen’s work is an incredible fusion of artistic expression, craftsmanship and creativity. The marriage of traditional, handcrafted designs and 21st-century technology makes her work innovative, dynamic and a signifier of a bold, new future for fashion design. With this presentation, the High continues to champion the outstanding visionaries who design the world around us.”

van Herpen states that “For me fashion is an expression of art that is very close related to me and to my body. I see it as my expression of identity combined with desire, moods and cultural setting.”

If you aren’t excited yet and you need for me to name drop, her designs have been worn by Beyonce and Lady Gaga AND her designs have graced runways in major fashion cities such as London, Amsterdam and Paris.

From the High Museum: “Iris van Herpen: Transforming Fashion” features 45 outfits carefully selected from 15 of van Herpen’s collections designed from 2008 through 2015, offering a comprehensive visual survey of her design career to date. Included are 18 pieces from the designer’s six most recent lines and a selection of her shoe designs, as well as 27 pieces from the Groninger Museum’s 2012 solo exhibition of van Herpen’s work—all displayed on custom mannequins. The accompanying wall texts explore the underlying concepts for each piece and examine how intuition and imagination are central to the designer’s process.

Click here to heck out Iris van Herpen’s website


I hope to see you at the High Museum tonight!!!

160729 Iris van Herpen122200 master-CMYK Hybrid Holism - IrisvH-AH1213 - Copyright Michel Zoeter EXH_1149 VanHerpen 14 Magnetic Motion EXH_1149  VanHerpen Refinery Smoke 2008 dress - Bart Oomes_o2 (1) EXH_1149  VanHerpen Chemical Crows 2008 umbrella tines dress  - Bart Oomes_o2 Capriole - 19 - Copyright Michel Zoeter Capriole - 15 - Copyright Michel Zoeter Iris van Herpen, AW14/15 Iris van Herpen, AW14/15 160730 Iris van Herpen122370 master-CMYK EXH_1149  VanHerpen Capriole 2011 Skeleton dress - Bart Oomes_o2 160730 Iris van Herpen122578 master-RGB Iris van Herpen, 1st of july 2013 Iris van Herpen, Voltage V2_SM_120202 Iris van Herpen 61403 RGB Magnetic Motion - 32 - Copyright Yannis Vlamos Magnetic Motion - 31 - Copyright Yannis Vlamos

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