Roche Bobois

When you walk into Roche Bobois, you know something marvelous just happened. From the enlarged Eiffel Tower and city photo as wallpaper to the Jean Paul Gaultier designed chair on display. It’s an experience!

“You’re literally getting a French experience because we import everything,”

the glorious words of Annysa Lamentia, manager of Roche Bobois Atlanta. “We really try to stay true to the brand’s vision with how we set up the store,” she states. The details are in the ambience, expressos and the french music being piped through the speakers. They even hire interns from France. The care and pride that is taken to bring the Parisian experience and lifestyle to its clientele is like no other.


From the designers to the trends, and the lifestyle experience that you walk away with the Roche Bobois showroom will take you on a trip to the South of France without stepping in one airport. Annysa confirms that “everything’s made in Europe.” If you want to bring Paris into your home, this is the only stop you should make. Even though Roche Bobois has only 250 stores in the world, let me confess to you that it has the most extensive and exquisite collections of art and interior design collection that I’ve seen in the city.

Recently relocated in the newly developed Buckhead Atlanta district of the city, Roche Bobois was previously located in the Shops Around Lenox shopping center across from Lenox Mall. I’m unsure of the look and ambience of their precious showroom but I must admit that the beauty and elegance of this spot is sure to set your envy level a new high.

When in the showroom, it’s impossible not to notice the wallpaper (also available at any size scale) on the walls that is an original of the Paris skyline and landscape with a clear shot of one of the most well-known landmarks of the city, the Eiffel Tower. With Roche Bobois, Annysa gets the opportunity to visit Paris a couple of times per year to visit the company headquarters. “I go to Paris a couple of times per year to see the new pieces and vote on them. All showroom managers from all across the world will go to Paris. They display the new collections in a showroom setting and then collectively we chose what will work and what won’t,” she states.

My experience with Roche Bobois started with a nonchalant walk into the showroom when I noticed a placard in front of a chair with the name of one of my favorite avante garde designers: Jean Paul Gaultier. The chair design and fabric were pure Gaultier style – blue stripes and some sort of floral design. You cannot imagine my excitement! Annysa went on to explain, “A lot of our provincial furniture, like our Jean Paul Gaultier, is hand carved right outside of France. French fabrics and French wood so you’re virtually sitting on France – from the designer to the end product.”

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